A Beginning

I’ve decided to get back to blogging. I’m not sure why. I’ve blogged previously but never kept it up. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about. I doubted anyone would read my writing. It started to feel like a private diary.

I’ve debated about where to blog (Medium, Wordpress etc.). I also considered how many blogs to have. Some people think a blog should be about one topic. Others think it’s fine to have multiple topics. I know I don’t want to be in a walled garden. I don’t want readers to have to sign in to read what I write. I am thinking of Facebook and Medium. The open web is great and I want it to flourish.

I have also wondered about blogging format. In the early years, blogs had search boxes, categories and tags. Now some blogs don’t have search boxes or archives (I’m thinking of Svbtle, which is just a blank white page). I guess the modern notion is that people will just Google what they are looking for and come to your blog that way rather than arriving at the homepage and searching or browsing. That makes sense but it’s more like listening to a single rather than listening to an album. It makes me a little sad.

I have decided to put that all aside, at least for the time being. I plan write about things that interest me. I may do it in one blog or more than one blog. I am not going to worry about whether I ever have a readership. I enjoy writing and I’m going to write. I’ve spent too much time thinking about the process and not enough time writing.

I love reading independent blogs, especially ones that don’t advertise. It’s nice to see someone doing something for the sheer enjoyment of it. I enjoy following someone trying to help another human being by sharing something he or she thinks has value, without also trying to sell something. The writer always says the selling doesn’t affect the content but I’m skeptical. To be sure, I read blogs that earn big money but I also read many that don’t and prefer the latter.

More to come . . .